an unreasonable and crazy girl that will not stop calling you a b-tch.
oh my god it’s weylynn! run!!!

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  • bigfuns*x

    when you have fun having s-x, my big p-n-s is fun to ride on f-ck me for money, yess baby c-m in me. dude1: i wanna be bigfuns-x tonight . girl1:ok babe.

  • yager boy

    a guy who can get no women, has no life, and should probably be off sucking his boyfriend’s d-ck. he’s a 1-2-3-00 robert parish looking yager boy.

  • jacoy

    romantic and very loving person very kind hearted a fighter and a lover bold has anger issues often falls for girls easy but gets over them well never scared of anybody and loves loves loves sports jacoy should never be single i look up to jacoy.

  • manrrique

    can be nice sometimes and mean sometimes also does do activities that are fun for him #pimp he’s such a manrrique

  • jaisnav

    usually a complete c-nt who has no life, and is very edgy and tries to be good at basketball, but he’s not. he has a crush on girls named anya look at that jaisnav flirting with anya

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