some thing or person that is whack (which means really good or really bad).
that’s a whackasella of a car, yo.

Read Also:

  • garjula

    the largest french fry in a meal, box, or bag. (gar-jew-luh) dude, you ate my garjula! i was saving that for later. fun game to play when eating with a group at red robin.

  • garlic bread t*ts

    t-ts that are long, stink, have a crust and leave a seriously bad after taste in your mouth. aka cory lind cory lind has garlic bread t-ts.

  • gars en tabarnak

    this is a french-canadian expression to denote a man who is mad with anger. such a man will usually be blunt, offensive, unkempt, disorganized and drink heavily. “what’s the deal with that guy? he hasn’t said a thing except angry grunts since he got here.” “oh, that’s your typical gars en tabarnak right there.”

  • garstang

    (verb) the act of running down stairs, usually within the home, whilst attempting to pull up your trousers, as a result of the doorbell / phone ringing whilst on the toilet. “sorry i took so long there. i had to garstang all the way down the stairs”.

  • gator slap

    to slap a woman across the nose with my johnson in an aloof manner. elizabeth took the gator slap with a smile and a big “thank you”. to slap a girl with a p-n-s, mostly in the face. i gator slapped kristen in the face.

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