aka whatsername, but much catchier.
yeah i went to school with…oh, whatsernuts…amy, that’s right.

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  • What's gutta

    basicly means how are you h-llo? what’s gutta n-gg-…..what you up to?

  • what's-up-see-you-later

    a greeting to a friend who is leaving a party or social gathering when it’s the first time you’ve seen them all night, even though you’ve both been at the same party the whole time. derek (appearing suddenly from other room): “it’s getting late dudes, i gotta jet. catch you later.” jon: “hey derek! i […]

  • what's the story morning glory?

    a question asked when talking to someone with a cocaine hang-over hey, what’s the story morning glory?

  • Whaya Deal With?

    what are you dealing with? how are you? whatu sayin? what’s up? guy1: whaya deal with? long time. guy2: chillin still. whatu been up to?

  • whitesuns

    the sun is white ? or are you that dumb seldy =d

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