1) one crazy sob
2) will bite on command
3) spits when p-ssed
4) greg’s b-tch
5) bookbag-swinger
hi, friend!

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  • loyalfest

    loyalfests are what happens when a group of loyals (aka fans of criss angel) get together and have fun. criss does not have to be involved. “the loyalfest at the filming of criss angel: mindfreak was crazy!”

  • whiskey pete

    a beer bellied man who looks at sh-m-l- p-rn. commonly known for their greasy black mullet and willingness to play with big busty trannys. d-mn it whiskey pete get your greasy mullet and sh-m-l- p-rn out of my face.

  • rich trash

    a person can be male or female usually in their late teens to early twenties (17-23) who is petulant, wasteful, and lose in their morals. they typically behave in ways that are not considered appropriate for their social standing, and often flaunt their money (their parents money) around openly. usually born into a wealthy family […]

  • robbyp

    for a man to come to the realization that he is gay after finding a c-ck in his mouth i knew i was gay when i robbyp’ed that dude at the bar last night.

  • robeast

    1. noun. reference from an 1980’s j-panese animation series called voltron. an evil and hideous-looking creature that stands over 50 feet tall. 2. noun. a fat, obese, and/or ugly-looking woman. oh my goodness, look at that robeast trying to squeeze into that tiny swimsuit! evil half robot, half freak monster from retro cartoon “voltron”. “princess […]

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