whirly bird

the manner of spinning around with no idea of what you are doing while trying to give the impression you have complete control of the situation
look at the wart spinning around like a whirly bird. he has no idea what he is doing but is acting like he has full control.
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the action of grabbing your p-n-s at the base and rapidly swinging it in a clockwise motion
jhef woke up and gave me the whirly bird.
a valiant attempt at something
joe – are you gonna try it?
clarence – yeah, i’ll give it a whirlybird.
slang for a helicopter
“corporal, fire up the whirly birds, we’re goin’ in!”
the action of pulling off a used condom after s-xual intercourse and spinning it in a propeller-like motion, and then proceeding to slap one’s partner across the face with it (likely breaking the condom and spewing its contents across his/her face.)
yo louis you shoulda seen it last night man, after we finished banging we fell asleep, and i woke her up the next day with a whirly bird. it was epic!
to spin one’s d-ck around in circles. named for the slang word for “helicopter”, it can also mean doing nothing at all or slacking off.
al- “what are you up to, bro?”
tom- “nothing man, just whirlybirdin. how about you?”
al- “samezies, i’ve just been twirlin my d-ck all afternoon.”
an archaic synonym for helicopter, generally not used after the 1960’s.
did you know in one of the first issues, spider-man calls a helicopter a whirlybird?

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