white boy shit

the act of being white and doing sh-t……to anyone
never joke around with a black man’s girlfriend because he will accuse you of doing some “white boy sh-t!”

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    someone who is indeed a scrub while holding the t-tle of a chat b-tch. f-ck you scrub -ss chat b-tch kys!

  • shrekonciliation

    when a person finally comes to terms with the true meaning of life and accepts shrek, surrendering their layers to the great ogrelord. leigh: john doesn’t understand the shrekoning that will soon immense. greg: it appears his time is ogre; it’s time for john’s shrekonciliation.

  • fbi scam

    a stupid pop up that comes up when watching p-rn. that f-cking fbi scam popped up again d-mnit

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    when someone eats lunch or dinner by oneself, usually in a crowded cafeteria or restaurant. from the infamous ‘steven glansburg’ scene in superbad. “are you gonna make me eat my lunch by myself like steven glansburg!?” i caught ross ‘glansburging’ in nando’s again.

  • crumbdusting

    when your significant other farts in your p-ssenger seat of your car while eating french fries quit crumbdusting. thats gross

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