a combination of the words “white” and wetback. a whiteback is a person of mexican decent who does not display the stereotypical idiosyncrasies -ssociated with their race; mainly alcoholism, and laziness, and teenage promiscuity. they do not speak spanish, and attempt to -ssimilate into “white” culture.
“did you know that meegan is mexican?”

“no way! she’s white.”

“nope. she’s a whiteback.”

“oh yea, now that i look at her arms, they are kind of hairy.”
the term for any person that has either immigrated or has ancestors that had immigrated to the u.s. legally or illegally from anywhere in europe. can also include immigrants from other caucasian or anglo type ancestry that have either immigrated or have ancestors that had immigrated to the u.s. legally or illegally.
basically, this group would include anyone who is not either black, red, or yellow in racial origin.
(keep in mind that their are only four original races accounted for on this planet.)
“go back to england(france, spain, kazakhstan, afghanistan, etc..) you whiteback son-of-a…”
“those d-mn whitebacks have no business calling themselves native to this country.”
a white male or female trying to live their life as a hispanic. picked up from the word “wigger” meaning white male or female pretending to be black.
“whats up vato?”
“you are such a whiteback”
when your f-cking a girl in the -ss and you spit on your back and she turns around and u c-m in her eye.
“that white back hurt my eye!”

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