to pull out of an engagement, usually at the last minute, after initiating the event in the first place. to renege on a social agreement.
steve got up a kayaking trip for today, but he called late last night and whiteheaded us.
a pimple or zit that is full of puss, white and ready to pop!
barb’s whitehead was so ripe and perfect, when she popped it, puss went all over the mirror! awesome!
receiving head while doing a line
“took a line while the girl was giving me beak”
“she gave you white head”
politicians & heads of state ( washington dc )
old white heads run (ruin) this country 50 years ago were kids with silver spoons in their mouths! now the silver is in their teeth. ( + lead in the -rs- )
what a p-n-s tip looks like right after the guy c-ms.
he pulled out right before he came and sat back as she watched his whitehead.
to get head from an old lady (refrencing her white/grey hair.)
brandon totally got some whitehead last night dude. he sure loves him some grannies.
an old person. characterized by their white hair and lack of driving skills.
driver: it sure is a beutiful day.

p-ssenger: holy sh-t, watch out for that whitehead!!

driver: -swerves to avoid head-on collision- thanks man. that old f-cker almost killed us.

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