Whitgift foundation

a money-sucking organisation, hiding under the guise of being a charity in order to evade taxes. owns three schools and charges extortionate tuition fees.
these schools are:

whitgift school – the first and worst of the set. just to give you an idea, they have a bird aviary and peac-cks wandering in the grounds, enough said.

trinity school of st john whitgift – the whitgift school’s little brother, fortunately less prolific in arrogant rich b-st-rds but they still dwell there occasionally, unfortunately much less well funded as all of the money is diverted to the above.

old palace school – a recent acquisition, formerly its inhabitants however notoriously ugly were quite sensible, however they have subsequently become more arrogant under the corrupting influence of the tyrannical whitgift foundation.

note: st john whitgift
founder of the foundation, ‘saint’ john was a miserly rich b-st-rd of a priest who realised he was a total w-nker on his deathbed and donated all his money to charity, conveniently just before it all became entirely useless to him.

note ii: in general under the christian church giving money to poor people is a sure ticket into heaven, whether this is a genuine act of kindness or a last ditch attempt to save ones pathetic soul.
“oh, really corking to see you old chap, i went to whitgift don’t you know?”

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