whitley is the best bestfriend that u will ever meet. she’s a blond for sure, she’s athletic,got a big b-tt, but with one glance boys love her. she’s the one u wanna stick around with.
whitleys so hot
the happiest person you will ever meet! she’s often mistaken for being high and usually short. great friend to have, most trusting person in the world. may look sweet on the outside but don’t be fooled! she sure does have a temper!!
i hung out with a whitley last night! man it was a wild night, cops, drug tests, and music too loud on the radio was just a part of it.
another word for “swagger”.
tyler: “yo that girl is a whitley”
blake:” i ain’t ever seen as much swagger as that girl”
a brunette with many blonde moments.. she is athletic and super gorgeous even thought she doesnt think so.. she is one of the nicest and most funniest girls that you will ever meet! any guy that like her better sweep her off her feet because she will go right off the market!! she loves to have a good time and make you smile.. you can get mad and annoyed at her at times, but you cant be mad forever because u couldnt live your life with out her.. she is da unco chin to da h-llo kitty credit card!!!!
brunette funny whitley awesome gorgeous
1)name of one of the most hilarious people you’ll know.

2)the best friend you can ever meet.

3)a laidback person.
“by the way whitley acts people could take her for a stoner.”
a girl who can turn a man’s head at first glance, she will steel from everyone and is claimed to be great at s-x. not of very good friend quality.
the stripper should be named whitley…
fat -ss, food monger
that whale just swallowed 7 tons of krill, what a whitley!!!!
mascot for floyd. (black panther)
look at that whitley there.

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