confusing; something of unidentifiable qualites because the something in question is so bizzare, it is beyond the understanding of human language.
“i like being dropped head-first into some batsh-t korean whooziwhatsit and trying to figure out why we’re golfing within the burning heart of an active volcano, or to what extent a lacy fan const-tutes a martial weapon.”

(cw)tb penny arcade

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  • whore ass bitch

    an extreme cowardly person. the terms combined imply one to be the worst example of courage my daddy was a wh-r- -ss b-tch today when he cut someone off on the freeway and declined to confront the stranger. he instead drove off in a panic.

  • Whorion

    a wh-r- who is also a minion a: “such a wh-r-, listen to how she speaks and acts and her old odd jobs abroad!” b: “omg i know right, do you also know that she’s a minion to the warthog clan?!” a: “no sh-t! so now she’s a whorion!?!!?” h-ll yeah

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    having on your person ie with you you didn’t brang yur truck wigidiga

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