the whorce is a binding, metaphysical and ubiquitous power used by wh-r-s to score s-x from people more attractive than themselves. the whorce has been known to enhance natural, physical and mental abilities, ie guys can use the d-ck mind trick and convince girls their d-ck is bigger than it actually is. fat girls have also been known to use thee ole, rear view mirror trick, convincing guys they are much skinnier than they appear.
#1 person 1: “wow, that fat b-tch is totally going to nail that hot -ss guy.”

person 2: “o yeah, the whorce is strong with that one.”

#2 person 1: “man, that girl is mad hot and i’m totally looking like a fat troll.”
person 2: “go for it, may the whorce be with you.”

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