someone who regularly and thoroughly enjoys organising parties and events, as much as a wh-r- enjoys and partakes in s-x.
“the wh-r-ganiser put together a nice night of drinking, followed by a g-ngb-nging”.

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  • wh*r*fy

    the act of making over a conservative female into a trashy, good-time gal. “girl, if you want to pick up some hot boys at the club tonight, you need to let me wh-r-fy you a bit!”

  • clang n bang

    to work out. primarily with weights. i can’t go to dinner tonight, i have to go clang n bang right after work.

  • fesarious

    really; for real; seriously a:dude, fesarious?!?! b:fesarious.

  • blub

    blub is a nickname to call a loved one such as a girlfriend/boyfriend. it can also be used to address a person/animal that is related to you, cute, chubby, or lethargic. there are only two true blubs in the world though. hey blub, i love you. you are such a blub look at that little […]

  • clearning

    poking a similar looking person to yourself. harold was clearning his clone.

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