that regretful feeling you experience after performing an unplanned sl-tty act.

-note that “wh-r-ible” is best used in context when describing a situation with an “off limits” boy (or girl).
i hooked up with herman so many times, even though he has a steady girlfriend! omg i feel wh-r-ible!
when a girl is being a horrible person and a wh-r- at the same time. mostly used for someone you don’t like doing something mean or cruel.
“that girl is soooo wh-r–ible!!”

“why does she have to be so wh-r–ible?!?”

“who pushes a girl down the stairs because she’s in your way?!? that girl is a wh-r–ible person!!!!!!!!!”
see horrible.
did you see that article in which she referred to him mr. because she didn’t know his first name? oh my g-d, that was wh-r–ible.
when a person, usually a girl, is being mean or cruel and a wh-r-/sl-t at the same time.

this can be used when refering to someone you really don’t like that flaunts their body to get whatever they want (ie: your boyfriend, higher test results, out of parking tickets, into a group, out of trouble, etc). or someone that is just generally a wh-r-.

can also be used with b-tch that stole my orange.
“she’s soo wh-r–ible!!!”

“why would she push that girl down the stairs just because she was in her way? that’s a wh-r–ible thing to do!!”

“did you see what she just did? when she was pulled over, she flirted with the officer and drove away with no tickets!”
the general willingness and trait of being a wh-r-
“can you believe that christina went home with that boy after the super bowl? she can be so wh-r-ible”

“hey mike, you know i brought that wh-r-ible girl right to her car in the morning? high five! lets go play some bocce.”
resembling the actions of a wh-r-
shaniqua: “oh my god evie you are soo wh-r-bile”
evie: -slaps shaniqua- “uh no i’m not, i only gave him head”

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