mormon’s from utah, who in rebellion of their staunch religion, have begun sleeping around. frequently these wh-r-mons’ have no respect for other people’s relationships and will use dirty language to attract their prey.
“she is such a wh-r-mon!”
any mormon showing signs of wh-r-ness, sl-ttiness, hoeness, or characteristics of a hooker or a prost-tue.
dude, that chick is such a wh-r-mon
the combination of a wh-r- and mormon.
psst, that chick is really a wh-r-mon.
a woman who has multiple boyfriends or husbands and finds nothing wrong about it; a female mormon
dude 1: hey wait, i thought i was dating alexa.

dude 2: dude, shes a wh-r-mon, remember?

dude 1: oh yeah.
any mormon showing signs of wh-r-ness, sl-ttiness, hoeness, or characteristics of a hooker, a prost-tute, a sk-nk or a sleezball
guy 1 “roni is such a wh-r-mon” guy 2 “yeah dude sooo easy”

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