Whose Status Is It Anyway

whose status is it anyway is a drinking game where dylan reads out facebook statuses of idiots we went to high school with. each status must be read out in a constant non-revealing emotive tone and needs to end with “who am i?”. any game partic-p-nt can choose to guess the answer. if the guess is right, the successful partic-p-nt nominates another game attendee to finish off their vessel. however, the guesser runs the risk of taking a single scull of their drink at the event that they’re wrong. stay gold.
dylan begins the game of whose status is it anyway by reading out the following… “spending money on flags and anthems is such a waste of money against child poverty or animal cruelty. we can vote on a selection of leaders but not the issues that matter. in the end those in power are all the same, just a puppet of those behind them. cheers world.”.. a partic-p-nt guesses wrong resulting in a swig of their drinking vessel. another partic-p-nt guesses correctly, resulting in the nomination of logan, who is obliged to scull his entire drinking vessel .

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