wig wog

the word to describe a wigger a white n-gg-r wannabe
its not nig nog thats for black people its wig wog for whie people
d-mn look at that wig wog over there dat wigger
potentially racist term for someone of black african origin.

usually used in a humourous context between friends, where no racism is intended.
bob: “you team-killed me! you wig wog!”
jim: “is it too late to say sorry?”
after much debate and controversy, the whites have come up with a word comparable to that of n-gg-r. n-gg-r is an offensive word when used by non-whites, but between blacks, they call each other n-gg- as to mean “bro” or “dawg”, but it only applies to blacks. wigwog is the white equivalent of n-gg-r, where it is racist to be used against us but it is cool to say between us.
what’s up my wigwog how you doin’
a racist term used when describing a black person (wog) with blonde hair, doesn’t necessarily have to look like a wig.
john : look at that f-cking wig wog over there!
joe : ahaha! what a c–n!

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