the act of never losing a wet soggy erect p-n-s
i have a wigadiggle

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  • eskimo b*lls deep

    when it’s so cold out that you tuck your scr-t-m into the woman’s v-g-n- during s-x to keep it warm. “it was so freezing last night i was pounding my old lady and had to go eskimo b-lls deep to stay warm!”

  • busted *n*l pipeline

    before s-x one person takes a large amount of laxatives causing diarrhea diarrhea. then during s-x the person loaded up on laxitives is going to be the one taking it up the -ss and proceeds to get on all 4. then a d-ck is inserted into the bung hole, then waits for the other person […]

  • took a bernie

    when you rail against a small-business owner for not providing all of her employees free healthcare even though she can’t afford insurance herself. i just took a bernie on my local small business grocery store. how dare they not be as rich as the ceo of kroger?!

  • chocolate cream sickle

    when you f-ck a woman in the -ss and then you make her suck you off till you c-m !! oh i gave your mom a chocolate cream sickle last night !!

  • tight doors

    another way of saying “tight p-ssy”. opposite of loose v-g-n-. lisa and i were messing around last night and i couldn’t hardly get my d-ck in her p-ssy, she got some tight doors.

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