wigging out

when you are having an insane breakout

not to be mistaked as freaking out.
girl: omg. i am wigging out so bad.

guy: you totally are.
to freak out or to start freaking out. usually when inebriated under a variety of substances.
john is wigging out!
you’re wigging out dude!
displaying irrational behavior usually brought on by stress and/or external pressures.
sean is wigging out over the phone constantly ringing.
when someone begins acting weird or panicking in an everyday situation
friend one: oi ned hookup with that chick
friend two: nah dude he won’t, look at him.. he’s wigging out.
friend one: did you hookup with her?

ned: nah i wigged out so hard bro
when you, your friend, or your body part starts twitching or acting strange. and sometimes if it’s you or someone you’ll go insane maybe.
jordan: my arms wigging out man
random dude: so your point
andrew: watch out his arm is on a rampage
(jordan’s arm wacks everyone around him)
what wiggers do when they party. they h-lla wig out, yo. they say it like: “i’m h-lla wiggin ow, man.” because hard consants are so, like, lame.

down with x’s and k’s! down with x’s and k’s! down with x’s and k’s! down with x’s and k’s! down with x’s and k’s!
talking with a blackcent, piercing one’s brain, owning a skateboard or a rap cd are all signs of wigging out and being a dumb-ss.

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