slang – wiggling back and forth while trying to have intercourse (usually unsuccessful)
“i’d really like to try to wigglef-ck at some point in my life..”

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  • gleamis

    noun. the male version of a vajazzle. a combination of gleam and p-n-s. hey, dave, take a look at my new gleamis. careful, it’s still wet wow, how did you fit that diamond in there?

  • shantiana

    a beautiful inspirational person. she is always looking to help someone in need. don’t think a shantiana is just gullible. she knows who are with her and those that are against her. person 1: i’m having a horrible day. shantiana: it will be okay, you can make it .

  • five finger lick

    putting all four fingers and thumb into someone’s b-tthole then putting each finger into their mouth for them to taste i slipped each digit into judy’s b-tt, then put each one in her mouth so she could taste herself. she loved the five finger lick

  • wet regret

    the feeling of which a lesbian is disappointed or unsatisfied which her most recent s-xual encounter. ‘omg cheryl i can’t believe what i did last night! i’m filled with so much wet regret right now’

  • aobooty

    an -ss that’s way to perfect for this world. you call that and aobooty “d-mn dude you see that girl\boys -ss, that’s an aobooty

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