international organization that publishes anonymous submissions and leaks of cl-ssified, “top secret”, or any kind of sensitive doc-ments.
wikileaks about pakistan’s covert support for the taliban fuel negative war debate for obama.
the website that makes the united states of america and its allies sh-t bricks.
nancy pelosi: wikileaks has ruined our relations with 1/3 of the world
yet another evidence that the traditional media is dying slowly but steadily.
grandpa: i’m following wikileaks on the guardian.

grandson: who needs the guardian when the original doc-ments are available online for free?!

grandpa: online?! huh? what site?
to release information when the owner does not want it released.
i’m going to wikileak this information and everyone will know what is really going on.
a leak of secret information; divulging of secret doc-ments or cables.
a wikileak of secret us cables is causing a headache in the usa now.
a verb used to describe something leaked that no one else should know about.
cara wikileaked on me and now i have to go to the doctor and get q-tipped.
1. site for disseminating cl-ssified information.
2. collaborative p-ss-ng in order to soak an object in urine.
man1: “that jerkoff -insert name of jerkoff- is out and he’s left his door unlocked. let’s go p-ss on his bed!”
man2: “no doubt. i call wikileaks”.

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