main entry: glowing happy synonyms: adulatory, ardent, avid, blazing, burning, eager, ecstatic, enthusiastic, eulogistic, fervent, fervid, fierce, fiery, flaming, heated, hot-blooded, imp-ssioned, keen, laudatory, panegyrical, p-ssionate, rave, rhapsodic, zealous
plant a wildrose seed in your day.

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  • kaffled

    something screwed up, entangled, twisted together. i wanted to use the vacuum cleaner but the lead was all kaffled up, so i didn’t bother.

  • winners podium

    when you hold your thumb over your j-ps eye and let the c-m squirt out over a girls face. just like they do with champagne on a winners podium. abdul, look at the tall hot girl over there. yeah muhammad, hot but tall. to come on her face i’d have to use the winners podium […]

  • winnyness

    sweet, beautiful, pretty, nice, caring, cool, awesome, s-xy all of the above, its not winnyness unless all 8 is present winny tsai from plano east is winnyness

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    while having s-x with a girl put your p-n-s in her -n-s then take it out dip in honey and put around her mouth. last night while making love to my women i gave her a winny the pooh.

  • zach smithing

    the act of putting in more time and effort in to not doing work when it would have just been easier to actually do the work. maybe if i spend more time zach smithing, i too can get an obama phone.

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