stupid f-ggot–ss b-tch who defined gmm pointlessly and challenged the great oscar
see the second definition of gmm not defined by oscar

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  • cimafonte

    to help someone/do them a favor. “yo, i cimafonted her so hard she paid me….and then she had s-x with me.”

  • fregerb*m

    somone hoo duz stoopid tyepoz i was a fregerb-m writing that definition.

  • frenabler

    the friend of your boyfriend/girlfriend who regularly encourages him/her to engage in scandalous behavior behind your back. “my girlfriend went out with the d-mn frenabler, tonight.” “yeah, i know; i just got back from the club, and they were all c-ked up, grinding all over some douchebags.”

  • fremuck

    the muck at the top of the swamp bubble when popped. rarely seen, often a bubble on the apex of the meta bubble. the two researchers were studying the fremuck of a swamp bubbles, often times getting the fremuck on their equipment and themselves.

  • fremry juice

    a term of affection for absinthe. also known as funny juice. we drank fremry juice and then set fire to psychos family, friends and livelihood.

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