windham high school

windham high school, located in willimantic, or willi-rico, connecticut, is the absolute worst part of what is probably the worst town in connecticut. the students are the absolute worst and stupidest people in the country. most of the sports teams, excluding the wrestling team, walk around with the biggest att-tude, even though they suck at the sport they play. the kids do drugs and have s-x in school without punishment, the teachers do whatever they want with no punishment, the administration changes so often that they are useless, and the board of education spends money on useless things instead of productive things, like when they spent 3 million dollars replacing a roof, and it still leaks instead of buying paper or textbooks.
“why are you so stupid?”
“shut up cuh imma f-ck your bih mothaf-cker, don’t you know i did football, yeah 860 gang gang.”
“you must’ve graduated from windham high school…”

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