Windows NT

perhaps one of the greatest os’s made by windows. it was designed but bussiness but you can get it for your home. it is the os that they based windows 2000 on. the only downside is that it has problems resolving errors that rarely happen and when they do doctor watson tries to fix it but he never can.
no computers use windows nt anymore, they instead use xp.

windows nt splash screen

windows nt applications

windows nt desktop
the kernel of many windows os’. the os’ that use this to date are nt3.1, nt3.5, nt3.51, nt4, windows 2000, windows xp, windows vista and windows 7, this excludes server only os’.

the other kernel was 9x, os’ falling under this are ms-dos, windows 1.x, windows 2.x, windows 3.x, windows 95, windows 98 and windows me
the nt kernel in windows is a fine piece of craftmanship.

it’s not just used in windows nt
a microsoft windows operating system of decent quality, however antiquated. it does not support the new version of anything. however, despite these setbacks, it is still a decent computer for its time, and the basis of windows 2000, and subsequently me and xp.
windows nt doesn’t support the past 5 versions of windows media player, but it runs. b|

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