windy sewer

farting into another persons’ -sshole
my girlfriend was giving me a m-ssage and she pulled a windy sewer

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  • junco

    a small bird found in north america that summers in conifer forests and winters in backyards. there are variations of it, but the eastern us birders are sad to only get one f-ck-ng variation: the slate colored. the variations are oregon, gray-headed, pink-sided, white-winged, and slate-colored. a slate-colored junco was foraging on the ground.

  • baboon lips

    when a male or female has their pants pulled up so tight, you can see their corn hole outline through their clothes. ex. did you see the baboon lips on kelly, it gave me the stink eye.

  • coronances

    giving a 6 pack of corona’s as a condolence gesture, then playing the “pitbull – fireball” song right after. “i’m sorry you lost your job dude, my coronances” while you hand them a 6 pack of corona’s and play the “pitbull – fireball” song.

  • base dumping

    when someone takes a p–p or a “dump” off of a really tall building. person 1: let’s do something fun. person 2: like what? person 1: how about we go base dumping

  • vimeo and relax

    it means that you are going to go over to your partners house and feel eachother up with vimeo in the background. “i wanted to netflix and chill so bad but we only vimeo and relaxed” “at least you got any.”

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