wine corker

when taking a dump, one solid piece of fecal matter is shat. this is followed by b-tt p-ss.

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  • winn vale

    a place in south australia near adelaide where you pick up trailer trash like alison warrilow. ooh look its mick burns going in the pub….another of alis cl-ssy ex partners.

  • witherd

    when a network’s networth’s not wired by lemon or lime or online by being withered, it’s wither-ed – a prefect excuse, um, reason, if you ask me. i think ur sendn bt sms undeliverd,ur tryin bt netw witherd.

  • wittif

    a word simply meaning w-t-f only spoken. it will get you into less trouble. “i got a c in french.” “wittif at that!”

  • wobbly keyboard

    the effect that cyber chat or spending time inworld in a mmorpg with a woman can have on a man’s “member” and his ability to type dancing with her in second llife, grinding her avatar b-tt up against me, gave me a seriously wobbly keyboard. yeah, but what a way to go!

  • Wolfbagging on Riverbank

    the art of wolfbagging but with the string attached to a fishing rod. when the giver is ‘ready’ they spin the reel, pulling out the bacon, giving the desired result. to aid pleasure the giver can shout “fish on” as loud as they can before reeling in their catch. giver: fish on receiver: bleurgh giver: […]

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