1. high on large amounts of stimulants (amphetamines, cocaine, caffeine, sugar, etc)
2. the point at which, having taken excess amounts of speed, you no longer feel the desire to talk (as you would when more moderately amped)
3. a state of being overstimulated, excited, and/or hyperactive.
he was completely wired after having taken more pills than usual.
on sat-rday mornings the children were wired from all the sugar and cartoons.
acting extremely jittery & hyper, unable to stop oneself from such behavior.
i am sooo wired this morning. someone made the mistake of giving me caffiene last night, so i never went to sleep!!!
1. extremely excited about something.

2. connected to the internet.
i’m wired about getting wired!
1. having the appearance of being jittery, like after you drink too much coffee.
2. a device/person that is connected, either virtually or physically, to a larger whole.
3. a popular technology publication.
1. i sat in the waffle house for four hours and left the place completely wired.
2. the next generation of television will be wired and have access to limitless video content.
3. i just got my subscription to wired magazine. w00t!
someone who is incrediably hyperactive. normally used to describe the state of a person who has consumed large amounts of restricted substances. this is because occasi-n-lly the aforementioned wears a look somewhat similar to someone who is being electrocuted.

“man. he is f-ck-ng wired.”
used to describe an all natural waffle infused with 200mg of caffeine. an energy snack released in the us in the 3rd quarter of 2011 by kokopelli holdings in seattle washington.
i ate a wired waffle for breakfast and i am ready to play call of duty all night long.

a wired waffle has the caffeine content of 2 1/2 red bulls.
a form of bdsm involving electrostimulation and sometimes bondage
i wired that babe and she came like the nile…

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