a word misused by idiots in place of “which”
idiot: hey, witch movie do you want to watch?
me: -runs out of the house and tracks down the idiot posting on a forum to punch him in the face- it’s w-h-i-c-h you illiterate f-ck!
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1. one who practices witchcraft (not neccasarily connected with wicca).

it is also used to describe those who follow the wiccan religion, and, in some instances, those who practice any type of magick (goetic, herbal, enochian, etc).

2. a bitter or hateful women. used in a deragatory sense. a hag, if you will.

3. a less insulting (if there is such a thing) form of call someone a b-tch.
salem, m-ssachusetts and many other places held several trials for those who were seen as “evil witches.” as a result, many innocent people were killed.
a pract-tioner of witchcraft. usually positive and earth-oriented in their religious or spiritual outlook. all wiccans are witches, but not all witches are wiccans. similarly, all witches are pagan, but not all pagans are witches. witches usually utilise magick, and can be male or female
look at that funky witch, he’s so cool, let’s all become witches and worship the old ones
anyone whom we burn that wieghs the same as a duck. (also made of wood)
“and then why do witches burn. hmmm..”
“because they’re, made of wood?”
“so how do you tell if she is made of wood?”
“eh.. build a bridge out of ‘er”
“but can not you also build bridges out of stone?”
“oh yeah”
“does wood sink in water?”
“no no it floats. throw her into the pond!”
“wait! what also floats in water?”
“umm.. very small rocks. churches. lead!”
“a duck”
“so logically..”
“if she weighs the same as a duck, then shes made outta wood.”
“and therefore”
“she’s a witch!”
1) a member of the craft. one who does good deeds when and where they can, and understands the meaning of balance and spirit.
2) someone who does their studies ( watching charmed doesn’t make you a witch, that show has its facts mixed up)
3) someone who does their best in this incarnate and the next.
4) know’s the rules and plays by them.
w:”yeah i’m a witch”

nw:” thats hot”

w: “yeah i know”
a witch is the most powerful zombie in the video games left 4 dead and left 4 dead 2. basically she sits in a corner and cries during nighttime, and walks around drunkenly in the daylight. if you startle her (not recommended), then she flips out and opens up a can of whup-ss on you, smearing your sorry b-tt all over your tv screen with her big–ss claw thingies.
player (pokes witch): what’s that?

witch: aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!

(player dies)

palyer resp-wns: sh-t!
a tv/comic series about 5 high school girls who get magical powers and save the world.

the acronym w.i.t.c.h. comes from the girls’ first names: will, irma, taranee, cornelia, hay lin.

it sounds horribly cliche, but it’s actually pretty awesome.
random chick 1: ohmigosh, i just watched like 14 episodes of w.i.t.c.h. today on youtube. it’s sooooo cool.

random chick 2: oh please. read the comics, i’m telling you, the tv series is horrid.
witch, n. a properly trained and initiated priest or priestess of the old religion. from old english wit or wic which means witty, wise or intelligent, or alternatively to bend or to shape, and related to wit, wicked, wicker, wizard.

witches learn and p-ss down old magical arts such as contacting departed spirits, working the weather, and reading the signs.
king sol found a witch in endor who could communicate across the boundary of death.

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