With A Three

added to the end of owned in speech, it makes the listener of said speech realize that the sayer really meant own3d, which is a higher level of ownage. also, it sounds wicked awesome.
dude, you were owned with a three by that guy who shamed you when you were drunk.

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  • wofte

    waste of f-cking time and effort. used as an adjective. “that was a pretty wofte meeting” “d-mn this job is wofte!”

  • woggerel

    tub-thumping ethnic poetry of no particular merit. it is estimated that if some means were found of converting woggerel into energy, maya angelou alone could power the whole of kettering. ‘benjamin zephaniah’s latest compilation of self-justifying -rs-wad is pure woggerel.’ ‘thank you germaine. tom paulin?’

  • wokeria

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  • wolfpits

    wolfpits – any woman not named ashley that has a beard growing underneath her arms. old wolfpits shaved her legs but forgot to shave under her armpits.

  • wonb

    “to claim a success under the influence of alcohol” followers of kristianism will know the difficulty of reporting their successes whilst still inebriated, and so the close proximities of the “n” and “b” keys meant that “i’ve won” would frequently become “i’ve wonb”. (used on 01/01/05) have i wonb?!?!

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