a 30+ year old virgin.
james became 30 on february 2nd, 2012 and was still a virgin. he was now a wizard, and so he decided to post the definition on urban dictionary.
wizard, aka whizard, aka whiz:

1)proper abbreviation for wizard or wizzard is whiz, as in robert aka bob..

2)a proffesional male that is well above a magician, usually of great age and knowledge and ranked of greater skill than a shaman or enchanter. the female gender of wizards are called whizettes! you can always tell most fake whizettes as they will use the male gender “whiz”, instead of their proud heritage of womanhood, “whizettes”!

3)one of great skill or knowledge in a many different areas, most often knows with-out any formal schooling, having an inner-knowledge with-out any formal schooling, especially computers

4)an “old school” computer whiz. usually very knowledgeable with unix, dos, and other command prompt based operating systems. also characterized by having double bridged gl-sses, long hair, and/or an afinity with everything sixties and early seventies.

5)an honorary t-tled bestowed on a master computer programmer by other computer programmers, one of the highest possible t-tles.

6)a microsoft program designed to make easier a certain task, such as pictures

7)whizards are the wisest of all the magic users, for the whizards are often the oldest of the sorcerers, and often the most skilled. the whizards take to more practical forms of magic, and try to solve problems with the least application of magic as possible.

9)most often mis-spelled as wiz by idiots and morons having no knowledge of the english language nor the heritage of wizards! what complete tw-ts call themselves in the hopes and mistaken belief that they might become some how cool or intelligent. complete losers, wanna-be whizs!
no examples are needed, if you are worthy you will know what this means.

a wizard will usually like to hang out at renaissance festivals.
to grab the air around your lower regions after farting, bring the hand full of farty air up to your face, and blow it whimsically into someone else’s face, as if blowing fairy dust. most effective when making creepy wizard-like faces.
“dude, i ripped one while driving over here and brandon start whining about it, so i gave him the wizard.”
someone who knows everything there is to know about drugs. capable of giving you any advice you need so you dont o.d. or have a bad trip.
fatsac: i wonder if these shrooms are any good
bigdaddykane: i dont know lets call the wizard (a.k.a. jake ivy)
used to describe some kind of social deviant, someone dirty, unsuccessful, poor, weird looking, ugly, greasy etc.
holy f-ck matt, look at that wizard!

d-mn! look at all that ufc shirt!
a person who does and says stupid and goofy things
yo get away from me u wizard
one who does not think through or foresee the consequences of an action, with disaterous results.
your sucha wizard.

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