windows media audio. an audioformat invented by micro$oft. uses sophisticated specially developed patented micro$oft technologies to cripple audio quality beyond reality. uses an annoying copy protection scheme, in order to pose as a friend to the recording industry.
claims to be cd-quality at 10 kbps or so. sounds like a trashbin tortured by al qaida.
inferior to ogg vorbis.
i just ripped a whole cd using wma at 48 kbps. it sounds f-cking better than cd-quality.
ohh no! my wma are secretly tied to my computer, i can’t transfer it anywhere or the copyprotection will kick in.
wow, this sounds like sh-t. you have no clue on how to make mp3-files? did you use wma to make this?
(wh’ mus)
the holiday season directly preceding x-mas.

this generally begins sometime after black friday/cyber monday when you are forced to attend the first christmas party of the season. it doesn’t end until christmas day.

it encomp-sses all the cr-p that you have to do in order to prepare for x-mas: shopping, cooking, office parties, visiting your in-laws, etc.
i got us a bottle of wine for w-mas. let’s have a taste before we head back to the mall.

dude, is that the new iphone?
yeah, my mom let me have it early. happy w-mas to me!
white male american. refers to white men who usually get all the breaks over people of color or women.
you know the judge just sided with him because he is a wma.
the file sh-tty file format that windows media player uses. sucks hardcore, but is used because of its smaller file size than mp3s and the great number of digital music players that play them. thank god for mp4 and ipods.
wma is inferior to vorbis which is inferior to mp4

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