windows media player
i’m gonna go watch some pr0n on wmp.
with my p-n-s
i’m here bringing you an mw2 gameplay wmp.
wetting my pants. similar to lol and roflmao
that joke you emailed me was so funny i was wmp
a weapon of m-ss pwnage, an item, object, or possibly person, that is used to completly destroy or dominate someone in a something, usally a game.
“man that guy is killing the cr-p out us”

“yeah he made that ak a wmp”
short for “windows media player”, a r-t-rded media player made by microsoft wich is needed to view the even so r-t-rded wmv, and rebuffers all data when you hit pause.
yo n-gg- i wus tryin’ to view some of them ill–ss fittycent videos, but my windows media player wus f-cking that sh-t up again. ima be lookin for some phat .mov files now, b-tchv
when mana permits used frequently in everquest when you ask for a buff but don’t want to sound pushy.
hey can i have a sow, wmp?

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