wnh truly is an all-encomp-ssing word

note: originally spelled “wanh”, but most commonly spelled “wnh” for purposes of faster typing

1) yes (high pitched)
2) no (low pitched)
3) can be subst-tuted for nearly any syllable in a word
4) can be translated into other languages (has the same meaning)
5) can be a mere pig noise
1) “do you want to go to the party tonight?”
“wnh!” (in a high pitched squeak)

2) “do you want to play world of warcraft tonight?”
“wnh!” or “h-ll wnh!” (low pitched squeak)

3) “how much homewnh do you have tonight?”

4) wñh (spanish)

5) (running around with arms flailing) “wnh! wnh! wnh!”

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