a type of shoe specifficly designed to kick someone in the d-ck.
james: hey sawyer you got the woadies on?
sawyer: yeah man.
james: kick this n-gg- in the d-ck
female friends who are not that close.

mark: lisa do you wanna go to a party?
lisa: sure mark.
jenelle: i thought you were going with me?
lisa: oh yeah. sorry mark i told jenelle i would go with her. woadies before brodies
in the south, black men refer to white women as woady. the wordy woady used to describe a white girl is used by biggie in one of his songs.
dat woady be lookin’ fine as h-ll.
bad, grotty.
she got home late an’ her mama got all woady.
a person or thing that is like cr-p,

something that tastes like cr-p,

someone you don’t like and they treat you like cr-p
“this toaster is woady”

“mom, this soup is woady”

“jessica is such a woady”
a piece of sh-t tactical ops player.. one who gets pwned by n00bs
n00b killed fatew0ady with a combatknife

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