Woburn, Ma

a town wicked close to boston. the water is really bad because most of the town used to be tannerys, actually some kids died from drinking it. there are some nice neighborhoods, but overall this town is kinda a ghetto. kids generally act like they’re gangsta even if they’re wihite…. about 75% of the town has weed, pot, or any other drug you can think of. west woburn is ok, a little boring- the east is a little run down and the middle is full of brazillians. the north is where most of the partying and pot happens- the most ghetto part of town. kids here are really annoying and try to act gangsta. the girls who are about 12 dress like they’re 20 and stuff there itty-bitty bras. the guys just think there the hottest sh-t. there have been multiple bomb threats at woburn high and quite a few pregnacies. our athletics are actualy wicked good and we absoulutly hate our next door town winchester (a bunch of rich -ss sn-bs who add “izzy” to the end of everything) us, the woo, are so much better then those posers. our center is actually pretty nice; a ton of restaurants there… but the rest of it is run down. anyways, the woo is an okay place.
” ye imma go smoke some weed with my crack wh-r- girlfriend” -12 year old kidd from the woo
“d-mn i hate those sh-t ugly -ss-s from winchester” -everyone in woburn, ma

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