the way an asian person says the word rock
white guy; “what’s that hard round thing”
asian guy; ” that’s a wock”
unknown origin. it was not till summer of 2002 that wock was fully realized by his lover doffy. they make make sweet love. -n-l s-x only.
he enjoys short wocks on the beach, followed by pounding of the r-ct-m. 🙂 k thx hes mine- sry.
“wockaaaaaaaay!” also see magic conch
woman c-ck.
slang to woc-ck.a term similar to mangina
dude, that chick has a woman wock
a wock: a person or persons who is know for being a thief or “dirt farmer”. to be wocked: to have something come up missing/ stolen by said wock. to wock: to steal from friends and family just because you want what they have.
i think ive been wocked, my hat came up missing after jayne wock left yesterday, and i saw him wearing it today.
another meaning for cool. often used when the other person in the conversation is not really listening, and doesn’t really care, however they try to make it look like they are.

however it can be used enthusiastically and like you do mean you think the subject is cool!
barry: i got in the england chess u16 team!
nick: wock

now you guess which meaning this is
to eat without chewing.
the bulimic chick wocked her meal, and vomited soon after.

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