something that is going to be lit, popping, fun time or event.
man, this weekend is looking wocky!

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  • woo-hoo stoper

    another name for a tampon; what girls use during that time of the month “mom!!!!! we need more woo-hoo stopers”

  • yae

    very excited; wanting to scream i love this game so much, i just want to yae 8 more definitions shortened version of the yae-o, a slang term for cocaine. i can’t relate to what you rap on stage, n-gg- cuz i been sellin’ yae since i was bow-wow’s age…. -ti a varient of the word […]

  • yale

    when someone you know who is extremely smart didn’t get accepted to yale. and tries to hude the fact they’re a failure because they didn’t get accepted to yale. #notharvard you: “hey randeep… yale.” randeep: “what? i didn’t even apply there?” you: “yale…” randeep: “that makes no sense.” you: “it makes sense yale didn’t accept […]

  • yap rat

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  • used booty

    when a hoe has dated so many guys and more guys search for the booty and she gives it away….again guy 1: “you see, he just tryna get some booty.” guy 2: “but, n-gg-, that’s a used booty.”

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