wolfman kisses

the act of performing oral s-x upon a hirsute woman
i went out with a girl with 70s bush, i spent all night giving her wolfman kisses.

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  • l.b.s.p.

    light brown skinned person. it is used to describe someone with light brown skin, usually from the asian region, so as not to cl-ssify them as “indian” or “muslim.” you see that l.b.s.p. over there? i think he’s from pakistan, but i’m not sure.

  • b*tch scream

    an annoying high pitch noise produced from a person when excited over something they like or when one feels threatened. john saw a poster for a new sci-fi movie and let out a crazy “b-tch scream” i acted like i was going to sack tap bob and he let out the loudest “b-tch scream”

  • b*tchslapping

    from the verb “to b-tchslap”. does what it says on the tin, really “dorothy was getting me down; this dame was a real wise -ss, she needed a good b-tchslapping”

  • b*tchspatch

    a term used to discribe a ambulance dispatcher, by an ambulance crew who are upset with dispatch for either being overworked., not getting meal breaks or just plain poor dispatching. that b-tchspatcher is sending me on a call while i am on my lunch.

  • n*gg*milk

    milk stored in black people’s refrigerator you don’t like. oh your milk is in tasha’s refrigerator? that’s f-ck-ng n-gg-milk!

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