1.a person who stinks lke sh-t
2. someone who is unreasonable
ex. dude, you’re a womper-stinker!!!

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  • koojee

    placing one’s face on an obese and plump animal’s fur, constantly rubbing and enjoying the texture of its physicality; to embrace, to rub, to snug observing milkweed’s fat and plump fur, i desperately wanted to koojee it in order to enjoy a brief period of ecstacy.

  • pasty boy

    a pasty boy (pr-n p-ss-tee, like the food)is an extremley pale little bit chubby lager swilling ‘lad about town’ so called pasty boy because he has eaten to many and now has man b–bs and blubber belly it also come about because he has very pale and pastey skin thus becoming pasty boy!! in winter […]

  • schnopps

    an alcohlic beverage that tastes like candy, goes down smooth, and guarantees you a long night with the great white bowl. but even after you’ve puked your brains out, your breath will still smell like minty freshness. in short, schnopps is an ingenious drink that will someday take over the world. f-ck toothpaste…brush with schnopps!!!! […]

  • streamcrunk

    the new, hybrid aesthetic that has all the internet hipsters imbibing potent brews of laudanum and grape soda from elaborate blown-gl-ss contraptions while listening to music on victrolas run at half-speed. dude, lets go on twitter streamcrunk’d

  • konguru

    a fobby male or female who just came to america and acts very shy. (k-town) the guy from the club was konguru which made him avoid everyone the whole night.

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