an “alternative” spelling of “a woman”. it is mostly used by trans-exclusive radical feminists (terfs, “femin-z-s”). they often want to make absolutely clear that “””men””” don’t belong into the feminist circles and that feminism is only about women’s rights when it is obviously not.
i say womyn bc feminism is only about the rights of cis women!!! “women” are not just a different kind of men! no man pretending to be womyn allowed!!

well, you obviously don’t know anything about feminism and the troubles men and trans people face so f*ck you
this is a term used by feminists who feel that having the word “man” in the word “woman” makes women a subset of men. so, to make themselves a non subset, they changed the letter ‘e’ to a ‘y’.
i am not a subset, i am a womyn.
the feminist/lesbian spelling of “woman”. also has political implications. not all feminists/lesbians use or even like this term, but it’s been claimed as a subtle empowerment thing by both groups in general.
janice has karate lessons at the womyn’s center on campus.
a feminist term..empowered woman
another spelling for “women” coined by neurotic feminists for other equally neurotic feminists with the unbridled arrogant mindset that their dated, selfish, totally “unequal” cause justly warrants a ridiculous, contrary-to-diction respelling of an long accepted, objective english word.
“i am a gentleman. i respect women for their independence and ability to hold children unlike myself. i could never do that.”

“shut the h-ll up you misogynistic pig and learn to spell correctly. your diction exhibits hatred and inequality. it’s “womyn” now. sucks to be a man like yourself with your dirty p-n-s. i will never have a boyfriend or a husband because men will never go for me because i am most likely ugly, overly arrogant, and/or had a past relationship with an abnormal man who misrepresented an entire population which in consequence has caused a psychological distress and/or neurosis within my mind to reject the entire male population as hopeful and/or completely acceptable.”

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