lame, stupid, pathetic, not cool. the opposite of “chill”.
z: did you see that? that’s way wonk.
g: i know, dude. so not chill!
(1) noun – an expert in a field, typically someone who is fairly young and very intelligent.
(2) verb – to use ones mastery of a specific subject to perform some type of work.
(1) i need to find some physics wonk to help me out on this homework -ssignment.
(2) every so often, i have andy come over and wonk on my computer to get it fixed.
can also be a “policy wonk”. a person who looks into all the technical details of implementing a political policy, usually a back-room boy either in a political party or working for the government.
that’s the general idea, we’ll leave it to the policy wonks to figure out all the details.
the sound a goose makes when hit over the head with a shovel.
first appearing in 1918 in reference to “nautical slang,” the word was then referenced as that which is (1)nervous or upset. then in 1938, we find a recorded usage of the word in australia. this time, the word is intended to mean (2)’white person.’ in 1945, once again in australia, we see the recorded usage of it being used to denote an (3)’effeminate,’ or a male h-m-s-xual. it wasn’t until 1962, in the december issue of sports ill-strated magazine–of all places–that we find the word meaning (4)a disparaging term for a studious or hard working person. it has been thought that the term originated (in this denotation), at harvard university, as a synonym for nerd.
pl. talkathon
(1)the sailor’s face had a sickly green to it which seemed to denote that poor man was wonk about being here.
(2)wonks seemed to overun the land of australia after the year 1787, despite their many hardships of colonization.
(3)those who take to the h-m-phobic way of thought often cannot stand to be near a wonk of any type.
(4)wonks may have memorized information to the power of uppercase omega, however, not a one of them has a ‘lick of sense.’
one who studies an issue or a topic thoroughly or excessively: leading a talkathon of policy wonks in a methodical effort to build consensus for his programs
an expert — often used in a derogatory way, as in someone who fixates on the minutae of an issue or a problem.
did you hear kerry’s speech last night? no one wants to listen to a policy wonk for 2 hours.
an incredibly stupid -ss name that american university in washington, dc decided to waste millions of dollars trademarking. the true definition of the word is unknown. it is also unknown whether it is an acronym or an actual word. overall, american university wasted their money trademarking a word their own students don’t know the meaning to.
student 1: see that kid over there?
student 2: yea, in the wonk t-shirt?
student 1: yea, what a stupid shirt.
student 2: yea.. what does wonk even mean?
student 1: h-ll if i know.
student 2: f-ckin au

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