n. a group or gathering of woobs.
look at that wooben.

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  • woni

    acronym that stands for “weekend of no inhibitions”. woni is a state-of-mind one must undertake during extremely fun “friend only” weekends (note: if significant others are involved then achieving the appropriate state-of-mind is virtually impossible). pr-nounced as follows – wah-nee. “woni” can also be used to describe an extremely entertaining all-weekend event or a person’s […]

  • wondorf

    to wonder, the silly way of saying wonder what shall i eat today, i wondorf.

  • sh*tgrill

    to give someone a bad look. it usually means that someone has a serious problem. if you sh-tgrill someone it means you either want to fight them, or you want them to get the f-ck out of the party. that dude keeps sh-tgrilling me. f-ck em lets do this.

  • purrsty purrsday

    similar to thirsty thursday, but the raging and binge drinking are complemented with cat puns. sam: i’m so excited that it’s thirsty thursday; i need to rage. makenzie: are you kitten me? it’s actually purrsty purrsday, so let’s go take some shots right meow.

  • shower drain

    p-ssing in the shower, i.e. draining the lizard while taking a shower. acceptable to do at home, not kosher at the gym. i was at the gym yesterday and had to throw a p-ss after my workout. i should have hit the head, but ended up pulling a shower drain. i think i pulled it […]

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