wookiee handshake

the act of two women, both with furry tw-ts, scissoring and grinding their nether regions together in a display that resembles two wookiee hands engaged in a friendly greeting. a more skillful version of the wookiee handshake also exists. if the two women insert a double-ended d-ld- between them, and can achieve the same frenzied m-ff mashing while not exposing even a fraction of an inch of the d-ld- to potential onlookers, then this next-level wookiee handshake has been achieved.
i’d harbored a certain nostalgia for hairy p-ss-es from a young age. but it wasn’t until i saw the wookiee handshake in action, while simultaneously imagining the grunts and chortles of that beloved species who hailed from the planet kashyyyk, that i could truly appreciate them.

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