an expression of a messed up situation. what someone says when any individual is stuck between a rock and a hard place.
subject 1: oh darn, i failed my math test and maxed out credit card after ordering lots of p-rn.

response: wookulus!

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  • iresh

    entropy, waste, useless. being iresh is great.

  • irish salute

    the act of giving the finger to anyone who has p-ss-d you off. that -ssh-l- cut me off so i gave him an irish salute

  • ironicus

    the greek g-d of irony. ironicus laughed at us when grandpa won the lottery days after he died.

  • irth day

    bill cosby’s pr-nunciation and spelling of “earth day”. even though he probably doesn’t celebrate it, he has an opinion because he’s f-ck-ng bill cosby. ” irth day is a very importin day. it’s like birthday without tha b. pick up your jell-o puddin’-pop sticks.”

  • isain't

    used to replace the following words and contractions: isn’t; is not; ain’t; am not; are not; no. you isain’t worth a peanut to me.

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