wooly bully

an aggressive furry animal.
“that wooly bully charged us every time we tried to feed it!”
a sheep with a baseball bat
the act of v-g-n-l, -n-l or oral penetration while wearing a thick wool sock on the p-n-s or in certain cases a strap on d-ld-.
that wooly bully hurt alot, but kept my v-g-n- warm and cozy.

she let me give her a wooly bully on the first date! i had to walk around with one sock, so i then improvised and gave her a wooly in the mouth with the other.
a m-ssive joint or blunt usually consiting of an eight or more of absolutely garbage swag. after smoked this will leave all but the tuffest blazers disoriented and dissillusioned folled quickly by a headache and the need to inhale cheesesteaks and sleep for a day. not recommended.
ouch man what was in that

straight wooly bully

let’s go to wawa

def man

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