nappy or tangled or just messed up
d-mn look at ya woosaka hair
is a mulipurpose word that you can used in place of anything
shut the woosaka up
or you see dat n-gg- he waz so woosaka

Read Also:

  • charfin

    to make fun of someone. those guys were so cool and with them charfin on me like that i really felt like i was apart of their crew.

  • bathroom hands

    when you use the strong, disgusting smelling, pink soap in a public restroom; the stank stays on your hands for the entire day. eww, i don’t wanna eat my wendy’s spicy chicken combo cuz i have nasty–ss bathroom hands!!!

  • wootchaka

    1. an expression of hapiness, but usually in the context of compet-tion when you are on the victorious side, e.g., after a winning game or such.it is usually said aloud, not written. see woot “we won the game! wootchaka!”

  • woosaw

    a relaxing mechanism, to stop you from loosing your cool. my boss p-ss-d me off today and i cussed her out. i really need to work on ,my woosaw. “like in the movie, bad boys 2, i rubbed my earlobes with my fingertips and chanted, “woosaw, woosaw“

  • woosaaaahhh

    word used for extreeme relaxation from the stresses of the world- derived from bad boys 2 go f-ck urself u f-ck-n mother f-cker!!!-wooooosaaaaaahhhhhh- i’m calm, i’m calm.

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