a. feeling good.
b. feeling alive
“i felt so wooshy last night!”

“oh really? tell me more!”

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  • wrestle the pony

    h-m-s-xual intercourse between two or more bronies cosplaying as my little ponies. it is perhaps the gayest things known to mankind. i dumped my boyfriend when i found out likes to wrestle the pony. even as a gay man that is too gay for me.

  • zail

    baddest of the squad, master roaster, good friend, always gotta have an opinion, always got a fleek beard yo zail? whats up? roast this kid you kid you gotta crusty neck!!!

  • red leech

    a jerk who is extremely successful. the term red comes from the idea of a leech so successful in blood sucking that it has become red. johnny is a great car salesman, but it is at the expense of being a red leech.

  • 2sp**py

    2sp–py- like sp–py except sp–pier. much, much sp–pier. person: hey mister ghost ghost: 2sp–py 4 u person: wut

  • a5 kobe

    the highest grade of j-panese beef available. cows are pampered and treated like sultans so that people can ultimately enjoy their meat. also a way to describe an excellent v-g-n-. i was about to break up with her until i saw her a5 kobe, we’ve now been married 24 years.

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