a human word-inventing machine
doug is a wordalator; he has a way with words.

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  • wordpressed

    to get stressed out and or annoyed with using the popular wordpress blogging platform. “i’m getting stressed out with doing this wordpress blog” “you seem wordpressed”

  • twapping

    the action of jerking off to the twitter selfies of reasonably attractive women. see also fapping jeremy’s dad stole his stash of p-rn magazines, so he resorted to twapping instead. 1 more definition the process of clapping by tweeting on twitter instead of clapping with one’s hands. obama’s speech was well-received, with the audience twapping […]

  • trashboat

    when you wake up at 6:30am and find yourself wearing nothing but very small underwear and a time bomb, you suddenly realize your in a trashboat. oh no my friends tricked me and now i’m on a trashboat. 2 more definitions noun: an undesirable person or object that is unwanted and rejected. adjective: used to […]

  • the whip

    the term “whip” is referred to as a dance. the motion consists of lifting the knee opposite which ever arm you are using, then dropping it and moving you arm straight like you are driving a car. this dance move is -ssociated closely with the nae nae and the song “watch me (whip/nae nae) can […]

  • the taste of honey

    the most ratchet strip club this side of the tracks. there are many tastes of honey each with their own charms; however they all employ a star studded b team as shiniqua, desondra and your last babies momma take the stage. c scars and stretch marks must be mandatory to score a job here on […]

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