the process of thinking about a new word to put up on urban dictionary.
i’m sorry, i was not paying attention to you. i was wordinating…..

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  • court system

    ancient system of decision making defining a country’s conscience, run by an elite for the elite to keep society under their control. the people expect the court system to be fair.

  • coal mining

    the act of consuming alcohol at a drinking establishment during day time hours, or immediately after a work day, usually in solidarity or a small group. conversation is nonexistent or light, and the partic-p-nt(s) need to appear preoccupied in thought, typically staring into the bar top. jeremy has been coal mining since he got off […]

  • mamata

    mamata is the rarest of memes. she’s beauty and she’s grace. she be breakin necks when she walks in the room. she is, overall, a superior human being most boys are lucky to even make eye contact with mamata.

  • route 66

    during intercourse, it is the process of a person licking the cl-toris of a woman and continuing to lick in between her br–sts up to her chin and kissing her lips. gabriel: dude, how did that wild chick go last night? mark: it was totally awesome, i gave her a route 66! gabriel: whoa, high […]

  • taprena

    nerd smart mixed with jock strength a complete nock she is such taprena

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